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Bootloader TFTP

The bootloader will install your application by means of the TFTP protocol. There is no need to change your application code. Per default DHCP is used for obtaining the ip-address.

The limitation for the firmware file to be uploaded is given by the RAM available:

MCU RAM Firmware size
GD32F107RC 96K 74K
GD32F207RG 256K 234K
GD32F207VC 128K 106K
GD32F407RE 128K 106K
GD32F450VI 512K 224K
GD32F470ZK 256K 171K
GD32H759IM 1024K 171K

The bootloader is active during reset of the board: The bootloader can be installed with the tools supplied by GigaDevice:

There is a sample Java UI available for installing the firmware: GD32F-Firmware-Update-UI
GD32F Firmware Update UI TFTP Server